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Slimming Sunday – Post 6

You may remember in last months Slimming Sunday  I mentioned that I wasn’t feeling very well. Things are not really much different, however I have been to the doctors. Actually securing an appointment at our doctors is actually an achievement so don’t under estimate what a big deal that is. Lol! I have had a series of blood tests and there are various things that have been highlighted. To cut a long story short, I cannot eat wheat for a while. At least until my next doctors appointment which is in about 3 or 4 weeks time. I was only told this on Monday so I have not completed a wheat free week yet… but it is hard.

I probably shouldn’t be sharing this but Tuesday was my first day wheat free. I couldn’t stop peeing. I must have burnt a billion calories running up and down the stairs to the toilet and back. Seriously!!

On a Positive Note… 

Comic Relief Cake Sale

On Thursday and Friday at work we had a Bake Sale for Red Nose Day – Comic Relief. We sold lot’s of Cakes and Cookies. One of my colleagues also made some Onion Bhaji’s and I ate none of it, so think of all the calories I saved myself. We raised quite a bit of money though which was good.

Having to go wheat free has forced my hand concerning my lunch at work. Instead of going to the shop, buying a sandwich or a pasta pot, etc… I have to make my lunch before I go as it is really hard to find any convenience food that does not contain wheat. Last week I had some wheat free pita’s, I put a different filling in each day. To be honest I was not overly impressed with them. The hunt for wheat free food continues.

In Other News… 

I have been out running a few times. I was a little surprised as I wasn’t as unfit as I thought I would be. Just need to keep it up now. I have not done as much walking as I hoped mainly due to the weather however walking home from work has also gone astray.


On the water… er… front… I have finally got around to buying a water infuser. It is the best thing ever, I am so in love with this. My water intake has significantly improved due to having this in my life. If you haven’t got one, I recommend it. Mine cost £3.00 so they don’t have to be expensive.

The days are getting lighter and hopefully warmer. My clothes are getting noticeably looser, hopefully not due to them stretching but due to losing a little weight. I need to power through now and continue what I have started.

I hope you are all doing well to and achieving your goals. Next months Slimming Sunday , will be posted on the 22 April, due to my participation in the A – Z April Challenge.



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