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Things To Do…

Yesterday was an interesting day on the blogging front. I succeeded in remembering to post my Theme Reveal for the A to Z April Challenge. I also managed to go and visit a few other blogs to see what their themes are. Most I have to admit were much more adventurous than mine.

My theme is – Disney Sidekicks  

However, I am using the term sidekick quite freely to describe any character that is not a main character, i.e Hero, Villain, Princess etc… that appears in any Disney Movie. Though when I say any Disney Movie, I think I am going to stick to animation including Pixar. The reason behind this is because in yesterday’s post I stated I may draw these characters if I am brave enough. I have decided I am not that brave but I am going to draw them anyway. EeeK

My New Desk – not sorted all the stationery out yet so please excuse the clutter.

Over the weekend I succeeded in putting together a desk for my bedroom. Having put the desk up and subsequently changing my mind where it should go, behind my desk is now a lovely plain wall.

Evidence of nice plain wall behind desk.

My idea is (I am not just bragging about the wall) to put all my Disney A – Z drawings on this wall during April. I intend to use different media for each drawing/piece of art and maybe add some quotes. This may turn into a piece of experimental work. I have not done any proper drawing/painting experimentation in years and I am hoping this may kick start my interest in it again.  I am looking forward to seeing what the end result will be.

I do really miss being creative. I have had no time or inclination for ages to achieve anything and I m really hoping to get started on this soon.

In Other News… 

My bedroom is very nearly complete. Just a few tweeks here and there. I still need a chair, a bedside table and a curtain pole. I also want some pen pots and other accessories but it is close to being finished. It may not be completed finished for another couple of months due to financial reasons, but the end is in sight.

I hope you are all either having or had a good day?



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