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Tale As Old As Time…

…How do you choose your favourite Disney movie?

They are all so good. Engaging characters, catchy soundtracks, wonderful animation, heart-rendering plots, etc… the possibilities are endless. It’s no secret I am biased when it comes to Disney. I am not going to lie choosing a favourite was hard, but I thankfully I made this decision a couple of years ago so tonight there was no dilemma. I can give you the name of my favourite Disney movie with complete confidence. You may already suspect by the title of this post but just to confirm.

My favourite Disney Movie is – Beauty and The Beast

There are so many reasons behind my decision. Why I chose Beauty and The Beast over all the other movies, however I am only going to give one reason. I am hoping that you have all seen the movie else this is going to be one big spoiler. This is not my main reason behind my decision but it is the reason I am most drawn to at the moment.

Beast let Belle Go…

Beauty and the beast

Beast loved Belle so much that he prioritized her needs at the expense of his own.

I think you will agree that one action sums up what love is. Being able to put someone else first. Love is selfless. What makes that action so special though, was that there was no guarantee Belle was ever going to return. Beast was not certain Belle had any love for him. There had been hints, actions which could reveal a deeper level of feeling but nothing solid. It broke his heart allowing her to leave but by doing this he gave her the grandest gesture of love anyone could give another person.

I always tell people Beast is the best Disney Prince because he gives the best gifts.

“After all this time, he’s finally learned to love.” – Mrs Potts

Beast gave Belle a library (which is my dream), a magic mirror, which enabled her to see what ever see wanted, (yet it was Beast’s only window to the outside world) and her freedom. Only by setting something someone free do we learn how much we truly love them and if they come back how much they truly love us.

I have never considered myself to have a romantic bone in my body but maybe, just maybe there is a very small romantic bone hiding somewhere.

As the saying goes “I would rather have a Beast that treats me like a princess, than a Prince who treats me like a slave.


3 thoughts on “Tale As Old As Time…”

  1. The beauty and beast is my favourite too! 😍 I’m in total agreement with you. Beast let go of Belle and put her freedom before his own. For another thing, Belle isn’t something who sits and waits around for Prince Charming. BatB is more of a princess​in shining armour story. That’s​ why this tale is my favourite! ❤😊
    I’m glad I came across your blog today!


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