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A Bostin’ Day In Brum

On Monday 20 February 2017, myself and my daughter decided to make an impromptu trip to Birmingham. We caught the train and 20 minutes later we found ourselves in one of the biggest cities in the U.K.

I have not spent a day in Birmingham for years. I have passed through it a few times and after Comic Con I went into the Bull Ring but I didn’t have much time. I was also worn out.

I decided to begin our adventure by taking my daughter on a mini tour and where best to begin this tour – than the Birmingham Mailbox. Walking up the steps to the Mailbox is quite an imposing feeling. The white and red building looms above you as you pant your way to the enterance. Joking… the steps are not that bad, but the building is intimidating inside as well as out. The two greeters on the door were lovely though and answered our questions, as well as providing us with some useful information.


The inside of The Mailbox is beautiful and there is some interesting art that faces you as you walk in. The shop displays are also worth looking at. As well as housing a variety of shops and restaurants, The Mailbox is also home to the BBC Midlands Today. Due to this and also the various other things the BBC produces in the Midlands, the Beeb has a visitor centre bit which you can just walk in and have a look at.


Of course we enjoyed because they had various Doctor Who things scattered around. You can see the Dalek in the photo above.  Following that we had a look at the shops, debated if we wanted to stop and have a drink. Then headed towards the canals.


Even though it was February the weather was glorious. The walk along the canal was lovely and there was a very appetising aroma wafting over us from the Italian restaurant. Not that we went in and tried the food but it smelt very scrummy. We then walked through the ICC to Birmingham Library. I have been longing to have a look around since they did spruced it up.


To walk around the library was wonderful so many books and different floors so many things to see. Unfortunately the Secret Garden floor was closed for refurbishment but we did get to the top floor and we also saw the Shakespeare Room.


Following our walk around the Library we made our way to the Bullring. After having a lovely lunch in Nando’s we shopped, shopped and shopped. We of course spent the majority of our time in the Disney Store and then a discovered a little stationery shop called Smiggle.

I came back from our day in Birmingham slightly poorer but on the whole it was a Bostin, I mean smashing day.



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