2017, Plans, Update

Hello March

We are in the third month of the Year already! Can you believe it??? This is an on-going statement from me, but doesn’t time fly? I only wish I was having fun!

What fun random facts do I know about March? 

March – was named after the Roman god of war – Mars. It is believed that the month was named after Mars due it being the beginning of the military campaign season.

The old proverb states that “March comes in like a Lion and out like a Lamb”. This means that winter ends and spring begins.

Before Julius Caesar reformed the calendar. March was the first month of the year.

The official flower of March is a Daffodil which is appropriate as it matches the colour of Belle’s ball gown. This leads us nicely on too…

March on What is Hoped For?


You may have noticed that the banner has changed to Beauty and the Beast. The banner is from the new Beauty and the Beast movie which is released on the 17 March 2017. I am so excited to see this movie. I have actually booked tickets to see it on the day of release… so happy!

So expect to see plenty of Beauty and the Beast themed posts during March and also the review of the new movie.

I also need to read more during March as I read no books during February as I couldn’t find them… due to clearing out my bedroom. eek!

March – Quote 


I am now half way through my bedroom overhaul which means that I am hoping to actually do some creative work over the next few weeks. This means that I might have some of my hobbies to post on here.  I am even going to attempt a Beauty and the Beast themed piece of work.

A – Z April Challenge Theme Reveal

The date for the A – Z April Challenge is –  Monday 20 March 2017 

I think I have a theme idea. It’s not very exciting but I am looking forward to taking part in this Blog Challenge again.

So here’s to March… Hope you all have a good month?



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