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We Can Fly

Aww… This is my last Peter Pan themed post for February. I honestly never realised how much I liked it until I started this theme. I am going to miss Peter…

Peter Pan’s Flight

When Walt Disney first announced that Fantasyland would be the main park in his new theme park Disneyland, Disney declared to the public “ride a pirate ship through the sky”.

In 1955 when Disneyland opened, guests did indeed ride a pirate ship through the sky, on the ride entitled Peter Pan’s Flight. Over 60 years later guests to the various Disneylands and of course Walt Disney World are still doing this today.

Peter Pan’s Flight is quite easily one of the most popular rides in the Disney portfolio. It is also one of my favourite rides. I have been on the ride 3 times (at least), at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Paris. I love the fact that the ride was the same in Paris as it was in Florida.

Flying over London 

To begin the ride (after you have queued – even with Fast Pass) you step inside a Pirate Ship. The Cast Member will then sprinkle fairy dust as the bar of Pirate Ship rests on your lap and the Ship takes off. As you enter the world of Peter Pan you initially find yourself flying through the nursery of the Darling Family before taking flight over the city of London as you take the second star to the right and head off to Neverland. You fly through the Mermaid Lagoon, meet Captain Hook, Smee and of course the Crocodile.


It is bright and colourful. There are recognisable scenes with so much to see as you serenely fly through the air.  The only way to describe this ride is that it is like you are moving through the actual movie.


This makes sense when you discover that the actual animators of Peter Pan created the actual ride. Walt Disney wanted the rides to be reminiscent of the movies so he wanted the animators to play a big part in creating all the rides at Disneyland. The picture above is one I took at Walt Disney World. It is the model of the Peter Pan Ride. it was hard to get a good photo as it was in a glass display case.  I am always fascinated by how things work so I really enjoyed the exhibit at the Disney Hollywood Studios.

If you ever visit one of the Disneylands or Walt Disney World make sure you take the time to go on this ride.


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