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Slimming Sunday – Post 5

Firstly I would like to apologise for the lack of posts this week. This is due to two reasons the first – There has either been a problem with our internet provider, hub or my laptop, I’m not sure which? Anyway after reconfiguration, system checking and basically switching things on and off again for the past week I have now finally got it working again. Whatever the problem was now appears to be fixed.

The second reason is the persistence of my migraines. For the past few weeks I have been suffering with them. It peaked in the middle of this week and since then now appear to be diminishing. Hopefully I am not speaking to soon.

During February there has been a considerable lack of progress concerning my fitness and weight loss. This has been partly due to health and the weather but mostly due to lack of motivation.

Motivation is big on the list when it comes to fitness and weight loss. It is easy to lose it so how can you find it again. Well there are lots of tips on the internet, below are some that I have chosen.

Keeping Track of Progress – I have taken my before photo’s. I now need to get an accurate calculation of my weight. The public scales I usually use have been out of order for a while so I am looking for some new ones. This will help me keep tract in my bullet journal. I also need to take measurements of my hips, stomach, bust etc…

Talk About – This is one of the reasons I do these posts. Let people know you are trying to lose weight. They will help you focus on your goal and cheer your progress.

Have A Weight Loss Partner – I actually have several, they have just been ill this month the same as me. We are all hoping March will be better for us all.

Book A Holiday – This week I booked two. I now have to get fit and lose weight for my holidays. This is the motivation that works for me. I need something to aim for, to focus on.

Goals – I want to be able to run 5K hopefully by the end of the year. One day I would also like to run the Disney marathons.


In other news… 

 I have actually seen the Doctor concerning my ill health. I have more blood tests to look forward too but at least she listened. I also have a tablet I need to take everyday so we will see if that works. I have to go back and see her in a couple of weeks but hopefully I have something to report back on here.

February may have been a wash out as far as my weight loss and fitness is concerned. Looking at it positively though it can only get better.



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