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That Place Between Sleep and Awake

There are many places that exist only in our dreams. Those talented enough find the words and allow those places to come alive through the pages of their novels. The worlds then breath, evolve and stay existence through the imaginations of all those that read them.

One of those worlds is Neverland…

Neverland though is often used a metaphor to describe a place of childish escapism. Home of the Lost Boys, Tinkerbell and Peter Pan. A place where Indians live, Mermaids play in a lagoon, Pirates frequent the sea and a solitary crocodile makes the noise of a ticking clock. There is a secret tree house, a cave that is shaped as a skull and is also home to various mythical creatures.

Found this on Google. Just love the detail in this picture.

Some of these places where added by Disney and are not mentioned in the original screenplay/book. Though as a child who would have not wanted to experience some if not all those things?

Every adaptation, sequel, prequel, reinvention of the story Peter Pan has transformed Neverland into something new, exciting and wonderful. A place that could only ever exist in the imagination of  those with the creativity to make it tangible. Very close to how Barrie describes or even doesn’t describe Neverland.

Barrie described Neverland as existing only in the mind of a child. Each child’s perceived place is nearly always an Island and slightly different to each others, yet close enough to make adventure. Every land though has one thing in common, there are no boundaries.

The exact location of the island is somewhat vague and ever so slightly ambiguous. Peter tells Wendy the way is “the second star to the right and straight on till morning”. However, Peter has a habit of saying whatever just comes into his head. The children claim they found Neverland as it was looking for them. One description Barrie writes, is of it being near to the stars in the Milky Way and that it is reached only at the time of sunrise. It hints at the fact of being both real and un-real at the same time.

“The place between asleep and awake” is used by Tinkerbell in the movie Hook to describe her love for Peter. Personally I think it is also the perfect phrase to describe Neverland. It is place that feels very real yet is ever so slightly out of reach.


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