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Captain Hook

The villainous Captain Hook was not in the early drafts of J.M Barrie’s production of Peter Pan. In fact, looking through some of the early manuscripts it appeared that perhaps Peter was meant to be the villain of the piece. Eventually the role of the villain evolved and Barrie created the role of the Pirate Captain – Hook.

Captain Hook has two primary fears. The sight of his own blood which apparently is an unnatural colour and of course the “ticking”crocodile who ate his hand after Peter cut it off.

Hook of course is not the Captain’s real name. Barrie would never give Captain Hook’s true name and only identified him as Blackbeard’s Bo’sun. (I had to look up the word Bo’sun it means Petty Officer or a qualified member of the deck.

Captain James Hook 

Icaptain-hook-disneyn the Disney’s Peter Pan, Captain Hook is portrayed more comically than in the original play/novel. Captain Hook is cowardly and vain, an adult in child’s world who is powerless to be seen in a serious role. Hook is fixated on revenge for hand and will commit almost any act to lure Peter to an untimely death.

According to one of the animators who worked on Peter Pan. Hook’s look was modelled on a Spanish King, flamboyant yet regal. The look of Disney’s Hook set a president for Hook’s and also other pirates in future productions and movies.

The Evolution of Hook 

Since the millennium or at least that’s where I personally date it from, the character and look of Captain Hook has evolved.

In the 1990’s the movie HOOK hit the cinema’s  with Dustin Hoffman in the title role of Captain Hook. (I will discuss the wonder of the movie another day). You will notice in the movie still above that the costume is very close to that of Captain Hook’s in the animated movie.


In 2003 however a new adaptation of Peter Pan was released this time Jason Issac’s was cast in the role of Hook. Issac’s was also Wendy’s father Mr Darling in movie which play’s homage to Barrie’s original rendering of the play.

Issac’s Hook still resembles Disney’s Hook in many ways with a few exceptions. Issac’s is younger and fitter. The costume is similar but it is slightly edgier, still flamboyant in scenes but leather is making more of an appearance. Gone are the stockings and satin hoes.

Once the 2010’s hit Captain Hook takes on a completely new look. He is younger and lets face it he is something of a Heart Breaker.


Captian Killian (Jones) Hook from the TV Series “Once Upon a Time” has set many a young (and slightly older) heart a light. Who would have thought when I was growing up that one day Captain Hook would be a sex symbol? I certainly never saw him that way until he showed up in the form of Colin O’Donoghue… wow!!

I know there are other actor’s who have portrayed Captain Hook in various adaptations and spin-off’s however I chose these three as they make my point quite splendidly without without me waffling on to much.



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