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What The Dickens?

Charles John Huffman Dickens was born on this day in 1812 in Landport Portsea, Portsmouth home of the Royal Navy.


Charles Dickens is one of my favourite authors yet I have not read all of his books, but I have seen many of them adapted for the TV or the big screen. There have been over a 100 adaptations of his work.


Last year there was a TV series called Dickensian which placed some of Mr Dickens most beloved characters within the same vicinity. How they could of interacted with each other and how they affected the lives of one another. It was an interesting idea.

So, what kind of person was Charles Dickens to create such characters that carry on living within the minds of those that read his work.

Charles Dickens came from a poor family but was fortunate enough to attend school. Dickens had to leave school at the age of 12 years when his father was put in debtors prison and he went to work in a factory.

When Dickens was a young man he wrote under the name Boz.

Dickens had a pet Raven called Grip. When Grip died Dickens had him stuffed.


I read somewhere that Dickens was an obsessive compulsive and when away would always re-arrange his hotel furniture. Apparently he had to sleep with his head pointing north.

Dickens stated that his favourite work of his was David Copperfield.

Dickens suffered seizures brought on by epilepsy. Dickens also gave characters in his books epilepsy too such as Monk in Oliver Twist.

Dickens died before the completion of his last novel Edwin Drood. Dickens wrote 15 novels in his lifetime.

My personal favourite is work by Dickens is Great Expectations – as I wrote in a previous post during “Booktober”. <<Click Here to Read>> 

Charles Dickens has also been portrayed in a variety of TV shows including Doctor Who.



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