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Second Star to the Right

On the 5 February 1953, Walt Disney released his 14th Animated Feature, Peter Pan. It is alleged that Peter Pan was one of Walt Disney’s favourite stories and had originally planned it as his second feature after Snow White. Due to various issues however it was delayed. peter-pan-swans

What do we know about the Peter Pan Disney created?

Walt Disney once portrayed Peter Pan in a production himself. After seeing a stage show of Peter Pan, Walt got to play Pan himself in a School Play. Walt apparently used to recount  a tale of Roy hoisting him up with a rope so he could fly.

In 1924 a silent movie of Peter Pan was released. It was the first time Tinkerbell was given a form. Before that Tinkerbell was always portrayed as light and a jingle bell. In Disney’s feature the animators used an actress called Margret Kelly as reference model for the cheeky little sprite. The actress also voiced one of the mermaids. sadly the rumour that they modelled Tinkerbell on Marilyn Monroe is false.

Captain Hook and Mr Darling are both voiced by the same actor.

I read somewhere that in the original Disney storyboard for the movie, Nana (the dog that was the children’s Nanny) was also meant to fly Never Land in the Darling Children.


There is a Fan Theory concerning the stars seen in Peter Pan and The Princess and The Frog. The theory is that Ray (the firefly) in The Princess and The Frog becomes the second star to the right next to his Evangeline. It would be nice if this was the case but The Princess and The Frog was set in the 1920’s and Peter Pan in the 1900’s.

The song Second Star To The Right was originally composed for Alice in Wonderland. It was called Beyond the Laughing Sky.


The Movie itself became the highest grossing film in 1953 and had 5 later theatrical releases with the last taking place in 1989. I actually remember going to the cinema in 1989 to see the film and being completely lost in the movie on the big screen. Since then it has been released on VHS, DVD and Blu-Ray.


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