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The Storyteller

The banner theme for this month’s blog is Peter Pan but what do we know about the boy who would never grow up? First lets get to know the author.

J.M Barrie 

NPG x5161; J.M. Barrie by Herbert Rose Barraud

The author of Peter Pan was J.M (James Matthew) Barrie. Barrie was a born in Scotland in 1860, but later moved to London where he completed most of his work.

J.M Barrie wrote a lot of plays and books yet they have been all been over shadowed by his most famous work Peter Pan.

When Barrie was 6 years old, one of his older siblings David died two days before his 14th Birthday in an Ice Skating accident. Barrie once stated that his mother drew comfort from the fact that David would never grow up and leave her.

Barrie was a small child and when he grew older he was a small man, roughly 5ft 3in. Due to his small statue Barrie used to tell stories to get attention. He was well known as a story teller. Barrie always knew that he wanted to be an author and graduated with a M.A in literature from Edinburgh University.

The character of “Peter Pan” first appeared in a work called “The Little White Bird”.

Peter Pan or The Boy Who Never Grew Up, was originally written as play. Its first stage performance was in 1904. Due to the popularity Barrie adapted the work into a novel, Peter Pan and Wendy in 1911.

In April 1929, Barrie gifted the copyright of Peter Pan to Great Ormond Street Hospital.


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