2017, Plans, Update

Welcome to February

We have finally made it through January, before you know it the clocks will be going forward, summer will be here and the winter rush will be upon us once again. In the meantime though we have a little month to welcome in – February.

Here are some fun February Facts

  • February – Is the shortest month of the year.
  • In Welsh February is called “Y Mis Bach” which means – Little Month
  • February comes from the Latin word “FEBRUUM” which means purification.
  • The Saxons called February “Solmonath” which means – Cake Month. During February they used to offer cakes to their gods not eat them.
  • The Birth Stone for February is – Amethyst
  • On the 6 February 1952 – Princess Elizabeth became Queen Elizabeth 2 of England

Plans for February 

This months quote is – “The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.” – Sylvia Plath


Sylvia Plath was an American novelist, poet and short story writer, who died on the 11 February 1963.

Banner Theme: 

You might have noticed that during January I had an image Disney’s Tangled as my blog banner. Every month during 2017 there will be a banner theme relating to a Disney Movie. There will be a variety of reasons why it will be the theme for the month and there will be blog posts relating to it.


During February the banner theme will be “Peter Pan”. This is due to the fact that the Walt Disney Company released the movie on 5 February 1953.

Other Plans 

I have no other concrete plans at the moment for February. I am hoping it is going to be a good a month and that I have discovered my re-discovered my blogging side.

There may be a post on the very slow progress of Sleeping Beauty’s Tower. I am also planning on producing some “Geek Art” we will see how it goes. Then of course there is Slimming Sunday Post 5, How much progress will I have made? We will have to see.

Hope you have a good February.



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