2017, Special & Awareness Days

Awareness & Special Days – February

Every month I will be posting any Awareness Days or Special Days/Weeks I am aware of for that month. This will mainly be for the UK but I will try and included as many as I can. I find it easier to plan my blog posts when I know certain days or events are occurring.



  • Heart Month
  • Raynard’s Awareness Month – Love Your Gloves
  • Hot Breakfast Month
  • Library Lovers Month
  • Bird Feeding Month


28th January – 4 February – National Story Telling Week

6th – 12th – Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week #itsnotok


  1.  –
  2. World Wetlands Day / Hedgehog Day
  3. Bubblegum Day
  4. World Cancer Day / National Libraries Day
  5.  World Nutella Day
  6.  –
  7.  Safer Internet Day / Send a Card to a Friend Day / Ballet Day
  8. Opera Day
  9.  National Pizza Day
  10. Make a Friend Day
  11.  Lost Penny Day
  12.  Radio Day
  13.  Valentines Day
  14. Singles Awareness Day
  15.  –
  16. Random Acts of Kindness Day
  17. World Whale Day / Drink Wine Day / Pluto Day
  18. Love Your Pet Day
  19. International Stand Up to Bullying Day
  20. Tell a Fairy Tale Day
  21. Eating Disorder Awareness Day (Silly Socks – www.b-eat.co.uk)
  22. Tooth Fairy Day



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