2017, Movies, Music, Review

Here’s to the Ones Who Dream…


L A   L A   L A N D 

Staring: Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone

Director: Damien Chazelle

La La Land tells the story of Mia (Emma Stone) an inspiring young actress whose path seems destined to cross with struggling Jazz Musician Sebastian (Ryan Gosling). Both are finding it hard to realise their dreams in the city of angels, that wears down and crushes so many young hopefuls.


Spring came early with arrival of  La La Land. This vibrant musical was a delightful splash of colour on a drab and dreary winters day. With its catchy soundtrack and forever sunny “cinemascope” backdrop, leaving the cinema in a bad mood would be difficult.

Personally I have never felt as though the musical has ever died, but I do feel as though it has evolved. La La Land though hopefully hails the return of the iconic Hollywood musical. Many of the scenes look and feel iconic, strangely familiar with so many nods to the classic Hollywood Musical such as Singing in the Rain and an American in Paris. This movie moves with effortless ease from one scene to the next.


This is Stone and Goslings third movie outing together. The chemistry between them is palpable, causing the viewing audience to be sucked into their love story. Individually their performances work just as well and are equally convincing.Gosling learnt to play the jazz piano especially for this role and it does add something a little more tangible to his character. Stone’s performance was convincing but I found her singing weak compared to that of Goslings. Though her solo song “The Audition” (Here’s to the Ones who Dream) was probably my favourite song in the movie, that and of course City of Stars.


Overall this is a enjoyable feel good movie, bursting with colour and life with a pinch of melancholy for good measure. If you go and watch this movie looking for greatness you will leave slightly disappointed. Personally I do not understand all the buzz surrounding it. La La Land does not provide greatness but it does provide much needed relief from a sad dismal world.


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