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Slimming Sunday – Post 4

This is the last weekly Slimming Sunday Blog Post from now on they will be monthly. The next post will be on Sunday 26 February 2017. The reason for this is because weekly slimming posts can get very boring for all of us.

Well as promised here are my before photo’s… yuk!! Don’t I look a picture… I have so much work to do, as you can see. Next time I post any photo’s of me in this post will be December and I will be comparing to see if there is any difference.


Only this week slimming has sort of gone by the wayside. I have been so rubbish and so disorganised. I have no excuses I have just been so very tired. On Friday it all went even more down hill when my body decided it was going to have a sciatica attack. Currently I am in quite a lot of pain down my left side. I really need to go to the doctors!!

Anyway February is a new month and will hopefully provide me an opportunity to go running, weather permitting.

Goals for February:

  • Running at least once a week
  • Walk home from work
  •  Drink 7 glasses of water every day
  • HIIT twice a week
  • Green Tea once a day

SO that’s it for this month. Next month I have to get myself weighed again then I can have a tally of how much weight I have to lose other than just a lot. More importantly I really just need to get fit, so as you can see I have planned to do more activity during February.



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