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National Storytelling Week

Once Upon a Time… 

…there was a little girl who loved to listen to anyone who could tell her an amazing tale. The more fanciful the tale the more intrigued the child became. Fairies, dragons, trolls and giants all tickled her ears and lit up her imagination. Sadly though as the child grew taller people were less likely to tell her stories and the light of imagination that once shone so brightly was now beginning to dim.  

Saturday 28 January 2017 – marks the start of National Storytelling Week organised by the Society for Storytelling.


The art of Storytelling is an ancient tradition that has been preserved for centuries. Throughout the world the ability to tell oral stories has passed on traditions and  preserved cultural heritage down through the generations.

2017 is the 17th Annual National Storytelling Week here in England and Wales. There are events taking place up and down the country.

Is the art of the storyteller a tradition that is dying out?

I don’t think I am qualified to answer that question but I do think the art of telling stories has evolved. The evolution began with the invention of the printing press in the mid-fifteenth century which then evolved into the moving pictures. Stories then became accessible to wider audiences and different ways of communicating stories have emerged.

Personally, I find magic in someone that can hold an audience with just the power of their voice while communicating a story or an experience. I don’t think anything can beat those times while growing up when one of my parents or an elderly relative would tell me and my brother a story from their past or maybe a fairy tale. While at Primary School we often had storytellers visit the school during assembly or if we were we lucky for a few hours in the afternoon. To be able to capture the awe we had while listening to their tales is something every child should experience, but should the privilege of being able to listen to stories be restricted to children? Of course not.

If you want more information on events taking place this week or National Storytelling Week take a wander over to the <<<Official Site – Click Here>>> 

Have you got a story worth telling? Why don’t you post it this week on your blog. If you do remember to send me your link I ‘d love to read it.

Happy Storytelling



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