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Slimming Sunday – Post 3

My Word for 2017 is – Create

My Quote for January is  – “Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about Creating yourself.”

This past week I have been thinking about that quote a lot and I posed myself a question: Am I creating myself or am I allowing myself to be moulded by the values and opinions of others?

Now there’s a question… How much of what we do in our lives is based on information, opinions or advice from other people, whether they be friends or foe?  Everyone who we come into contact with has either a negative or positive effect on our lives.

This week I have been scouring the internet looking for advice on slimming and fitness. This is not a new past time I have been doing this on and off for over a year now. The problem is, there is so much conflicting advice. One fitness expert will recommend one course of action and another one will tell you not to do it. Who do you listen too? It can be so confusing.  To be honest I have no answers, but I hopefully do have a small dollop of that rare commodity known as “common sense”.

Therefore, common sense dictates that if you eat less and move more, one should lose weight. This is the goal to move more.

Now this is where being moulded by society hits the forefront because when you are overweight and desire to lose weight you fail to conform to society. Society/Media show us beautiful slim people in the gym or out running. Therefore creating dread and fear into all of us not so beautiful fat people. My biggest gripe though is with fitness fashion. Have you ever tried trying to by clothes in a non-conventional size? Because according to a lot of sports brands to buy sports clothes you already need to be thin. I have a feeling that this is more of a problem in the UK than anywhere else.

Personally I have not had much of a problem, my size even though I am overweight is just within the boundaries. However, if I was just a fraction bigger I would struggle.

To move more it helps to feel comfortable in what you are moving in? Surely it would make sense to provide sportswear – such as sports bra’s in bigger sizes to make exercise more comfortable for overweight people.

I didn’t mean to turn this post into a rant.

This week has been a good week… I have done more exercise and I have controlled my eating. The only thing I have fallen down on is my fluid intake. I have hardly drank any water and I have given into having a Coke.  I have also not had a green tea yet.

Next Week

  • Drink Green Tea
  • Drink more water
  • Take the before photo’s of me and post them on here (I honestly keep forgetting)

Next week will also be less rant and more action.



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