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Slimming Sunday – Post 2

This week I had planned to post some before photos, however I am sat here typing this and realised that I had forgotten to take them. SO, I am going to have to plan to do this for next week. Just a quick post today…

How has this week gone so far? 

This week has not been great… I have not plucked up the courage and had a green tea, which has annoyed me. I used to drink green tea all the time, then I was ill, with a sickness bug and unfortunately I have a very vivid memory of throwing up the green tea and tasting it in reverse was not pleasant.  Since then I have not been able to face it.

On a positive note though I have provided my own lunch for work all week. I am going to say that it was healthy-ish as I did have crisps. I did include spinach to try and increase foods that contain iron. Food-wise I have been doing quite well.

Water consumption has also gone well.

Next week I am going to start calculating the calories. I would be hopeless at following a strict calorie control diet but I need to roughly work out what I am eating on average. I will let you know.

Exercise again has not been great. This has been mainly due to the weather, it has not been on my side this week. I have also been in agony with my shoulders and the base of my back.  I have walked home from work and also had a few little walks but not enough.

This week… 

Drink Green Tea – At least one a day!! I will do it! Positive thinking!!

Look up work outs – HIIT workouts if possible

Healthy Lunch – No crisps!!

Next Post… 

PHOTOS… of me January 2017 then hopefully January 2018 I well be a little slimmer 🙂

As well as working on my physical health and fitness I am also going to work on my mental health and well-being. Just as important and also needed. Even though on the whole I am happy with my life there are a few niggles and quite a big area that needs sorting out. I am going to see how this can be achieved.


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