2017, Plans

Biting The Bullet…

If you have a look back over my previous posts, I mentioned that I quite enjoyed the idea of doing a “Bullet Journal” or “Bujo”. I had previously planned to complete this in an A5 ring-binder, however I have since had a change of heart.

Today I brought the book that is going to become my Bullet Journal.

It is a Leuchtturm1917 Journal, it is Emerald in colour and is dotted. I have stolen the picture below from the Amazon website as it is too dark today to get a good photo.


I love it already… I have not wrote anything in it yet but I love it. Have I mentioned that it also has page numbers. It’s so exciting.

There is one slight downside…

I am a little overwhelmed. I have been looking at so many different Bullet Journal layouts that I am unsure as to the best way to begin?

Do I do an about me page? Are there certain rules I need to follow?  I have no idea!!

A Bullet Journal is described as being an Analogue system in a Digital World. According to http://bulletjournal.com it is a very forgiving filing system. Well that’s a relief. I do however intend to keep it up and have fun doing it.

Things to do…

  1. Start the first page
  2. Stop being intimidated by the other Bullet Journals on Pinterest… lol!
  3. Create a list for a Habit Tracker
  4. Make a good monthly page layout
  5. Find out what leading a Level 10 life is all about.
  6. Post Photos of more Bullet Journal story on Blog



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