101 Things in 1001 Days, 2016, Plans, Update

Pinch… Punch… 101 Update

1 0 1   T H I N G S   I N   1 0 0 1   D A Y S 

It has been a 110 days since I began my latest 101 List – wow! So I thought I would do a brief update on what had been completed so far, in progress etc…


32. Go to The Tower of London – 26/10/2016


64. Make a calendar for my mom – October 2016 


88. Go to a live Ballet Show – 08/10/2016 

89.Buy a New Laptop – 28/10/2016 

In Progress

28. Travel to 3 different continents – 1. USA 

29. Go to at least 30 places on my Travel Bucket List (I will list this in a separate post – mainly places in Florida)

34.  Read 60 Books – 7/60

38. Visit the Local Library 5 times  2/5

39. Try at Least 15 New Authors within Item 38 – 6/15

42. Maintain my Blog by posting at least once a week

45. Maintain my Writers notebook

40. Donate all Old Books

47. Complete a Colouring Book – The Secret Garden Colouring Book 

48. Finish Sleeping Beauty’s Tower

51. Fill a Sketch Book

55. Sort out my photos and put them on a flash drive

56. Take a photo for each letter of the Alphabet

72. Create a 101 List of My Favourite Movies

73. Collect 20 Blu-rays

74.  Watch a film from each year going as far back as I can go

75.  See 20 Movies at the Cinema 1/20 

76.  Write a review for all the Movies in item 75

As you can see I have quite a lot of things in progress. I am a little disappointed in myself that my Health and Fitness is not in progress, but this is due to not being well. I hope to running again tomorrow.


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