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Booktober Challenge Post 27

I don’t like posting twice in one day but I was unable to combine the posts. I also needed a bit of thinking time about this post…

 A  P R I Z E   W I N N E R

The problem is, I don’t really read prize wining books, not that I know of anyway. I did however read this book.

A   T H O U S A N D   S P L E N D I D   S U N S 



This book was nominated for quite a few awards but I am unsure as to what awards it did actually win? If I had time I would look it up on Goodreads, but today time appears to be flying by.

I am unsure how to review this book because even though I enjoyed it, I was not happy with it. Thinking about I think that had more to do with me than the actual story. The book itself is beautifully descriptive, the characters draw you into their lives and it also makes you (the reader) morally aware of the trials many people face.

The story itself focuses on two females who are a generation apart, who become connected under the most trying of circumstances. It is both tragic and inspiring. I read this book over a year ago yet there are parts of the story that have haunted me. I am loathed to share them as if you have not read this book I think I should urge you too.

The author Khaled Hosseini is best known for their novel The Kite Runner, which I have not yet read. Though I do intend to at some point.



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