2016, Books, Booktober, Childhood

Booktober Challenge Post 24

A   B O O K   A B O U T   A N   A N I M A L

I am not a big fan of animal books really. I have read a few and enjoyed them but most of the time I do have a tendency to just avoid them unless they have been recommended. However, when I was younger there was one book about an animal that I read a number of times.

C H A R L O T T E’S   W E B 



I’m not sure why I read this book so many times as child. I do not have a great fondness for spiders, I do like pigs though and I think Wilbur is a great name for a pig. Looking back on the story I suppose what attracted me to it was the friendship between Wilbur and Charlotte.

Charlotte is a spider who saves Wilbur by writing words in her web, to save him from going to the slaughter house. The words in the web become a phenomenon and people travel to see the sight.

What is so endearing about this story, is the fact that Charlotte does this to save Wilbur. There is nothing in it for her, she just takes it upon herself to save this little pig.


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