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Booktober Challenge Post 23

A   S C I E N C E   F I C T I O N   B O O K

Science Fiction is another genre which I have a great fondness for, however the section of the genre that I enjoy the most is Time Travelling. I really enjoy the concept of Time Travel and I often seek out TV shows and movies surrounding it. I have loads of theories surrounding it and have started several stories with my ideas. They are not solid enough yet to carry a whole novel, maybe one day.

This is my favourite book on the concept of Time Travel and one of the earliest examples of traveling into the future using a Time Machine in literature.

T H E   T I M E   M A C H I N E 



The protagonist in this story is given no name by the narrator, he is just simply known as the Time Traveler. An English gentleman inventor who discusses with his dinner guests about time being a fourth dimension. (It is one of the dinner guests who is telling the story.) The man has made a machine big enough to transport a human through time.

The Time Traveler then travels through time into the future where he encounters two new races on the earth – The Morlocks and The Eloi. After a series of events which ultimately end in tragedy for the Time Traveler he returns home, interrupting a dinner and then recounting his tale. The tale ends with the Time Traveler going off on another adventure on his Time Machine, telling the narrator that he won’t be gone long. The narrator ends by informing us that it has been 3 years and he has not yet returned. Leaving it up to our imaginations as to what happened to the man with the Time Machine.



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