2016, Booktober, Jane Austen

Boooktober Challenge Post 22

A   R O M A N C E

There are so many great romances to choose from so I am going to go with my favourite. One that I feel is one of the greatest yet under-rated romances in the history of literature. Everyone focus’s on Darcy and Elizabeth but for me it is Wentworth and Anne.

P E R S U A S I O N 



Persuasion was the last novel to be completed by Jane Austen and was published about 6 months after her death.

It is about a young woman named Anne Elliot who is considered an old spinster at the age of 27 years old. In her younger years she fell in love with a young sailor and due to some ill advice from a family friend, turned down his offer of marriage. Fast forward 7 years and the young sailor is back on the scene with a promotion now called Captain Wentworth.

Personally I find this love story between Miss Elliot and Captain Wentworth one of the most endearing in Jane Austen’s repertoire.


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