2016, Books, Booktober, Childhood, Illustrations

Booktober Challenge Post 20

F A V O U R I T E   I L L U S T R A T I O N

It will be no surprise if I tell you that I have a few favourite illustrators. At some point I am planning on highlighting them all. maybe for the A – Z challenge, we will see. For the purposes of this post however, I shall choose just one illustration from one illustrator.

Q U E N T I N   B L A K E 

T H E   T W I T S 


One of my brothers favourite movies when he was younger was The BFG (The Big Friendly Giant) based on Roald Dahls’ book. So in an attempt to get my brother into reading my mother brought him a copy of The Twits. The book was abandoned by my brother within possibly a matter of minutes, and I whisked away. I think I read the whole book in hours but I loved looking at the illustrations. They looked so simplistic yet held a surprising amount of detail.

Even though I have always looked at book illustrations, I think it was this particular illustration that opened my eyes to the fact that they are wonderful works of art. I love the detail with Mr Twits beard, all the pieces of food caught up in there. Mrs Twits beauty lost forever due to her horrible personality. Such a great snap shot of the  gruesome duo.


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