2016, Booktober

Booktober Challenge Post 19

A   F A N T A S Y   B O O K

Fantasy, is one of my favourite genres. I love the fact that there are no limits and it covers a whole range of different types of storytelling. Fantasy covers a huge area of fiction. There are some out there who will argue that high fantasy follows certain laws, but aren’t laws there to be broken?

I rarely read fantasy now I prefer to write it… so this is one of the books I really used to love.

P O L G A R A   T H E   S O R C E R E S S



Polgara the Sorceress is a spin off book from The Belgariad Series. What attracted me to these books is not so much the story, but the characters. The Eddings had a way of creating characters that came to life. The reader really finds themselves getting sucked into their stories.

This story explains the life and trials of Polgara before the events that occur in The Belgariad. If i remember correctly she decides to write down her life story, after reading her fathers (Belgareth’s) recollection of events and wants to set the record straight. The book begins with Ce’nedra visiting her and the twins, in an attempt to get her to write her story. Out of the entire series this book was my favourite. I really enjoyed reading the tale from Polgara’s point of view. It also explained a few of the questions readers may have about Polgara after reading the previous books.

If you have never read any of the Eddings books, I recommend starting with The Belgariad. The Belgariad consists of Five books, followed by the Mallorean also five books, then Belgareth the Sorcerer and finally Polgara the Sorceress. They are an entertaining read.


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