2016, Books, Booktober

Booktober Challenge Post 18

A   B O O K   B Y   A   F E M A L E

These titles are really hard because their are so many wonderful authors and singling one female (or male, like yesterday) to highlight is a really tough ask.

One of the books I have particularly enjoyed over the past couple of years is this one…

T H E   U N L I K E L Y   P I L G R I M AG E    O F    H A R O L D   F R Y



I think this is the first book in a series but I have not read the other books yet. I really enjoyed the concept of this man, Harold Fry, walking up the country intent on delivering a letter. Part of me, I think is envious because I would love to have the time, the intent and ability to just walk and walk, to see where I end up. I often want to just get on a random train or bus and see where I end up. I might do it one day… You never know!!


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