2016, Books, Booktober, Childhood

Booktober Challenge Post 12

A   B O O K   F R O M   Y O U R   (M Y)   C H I L D H O O D

As you have probably already anticipated I read a lot of books during my childhood. To choose just one is a challenge, however there was probably one series of books I enjoyed a little more than all the others and one book from that series a read a little more often. Looking back I am not too sure why?

F I V E   H A V E   P L E N T Y   F U N 



“…We are the Famous Five, Julian, Dick and Anne, George and Timmy the Dog…”

Yes, I watched the series too, brought the videos and joined The Famous Five Club. I loved the Famous Five. Though why I read Five Have Plenty of Fun more than any other, I don’t know?

Five Have Plenty of Fun is the 14th book in the Famous Five Series. It is set back in Kirrin Cottage with Aunt Fanny and Uncle Quentin. Uncle Quentin is grumpy and being a busy scientist. He is working on some secret “very important” Government stuff with two other scientists.

Then one of the other scientists is told that there is a possibility his daughter might be kidnapped.  The daughter “Berta” stays at Kirrin Cottage along with her poodle Sally. Once again Berta is a girl wanting to be a boy, appears to be a reoccurring theme in Enid Blytons’s work. George is of course jealous.

George then inadvertently gets herself kidnapped and then the rest of the gang go about trying to rescue her.


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