2016, Booktober, Movies

Booktober Challenge Post 5

B E S T   B O O K   T O   M O V I E 

Am I the only person who is usually disappointed with the movie?

I will read a book, love it, discover there is a movie or one about to come out, then I will be disappointed with the outcome. There are a few though which I have really enjoyed. The one I have chosen, I actually did the other way round. I watched the movie and then read the book.


Michael Morpurgo 


This book was first published in 1982 and adapted into a movie in 2011.

The horrors of the First World War are exposed in this uplifting tale through the adventures of a young farm horse called Joey.

I am not really a person who seeks out animal themed books or movies so i was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this story.  There are parts of this story that are really moving. Following on from yesterdays challenge, I think I may have shed a tear.

What stood out to me though, was the role animals played in wars, especially World War 1. While I have always been aware of their use in war, I had never really thought about how frightened those horses were going into battle and the dangers they faced.

This story is definitely worth a read, a watch or both. One day I hope to see the stage production.

What is your Best book to movie???


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