2016, Blog, Booktober

Welcome to Booktober

Hazy light, lengthening nights, falling leaves and dragons breath all signal the imminent arrival of the new season. I love Autumn, I love watching the transition between the Summer and Winter. The leaves turning beautiful reds and golds, while the sun falls lower in the sky. Conkers, acorns and fir combs gathering around the trees, while squirrels and children collect them.

The arrival of Autumn also brings with it my first monthly blog theme – BOOKTOBER.

Booktober was a tag that appeared a couple of years ago. Initially I think it was used to promote creative writing, since then I have seen it used to encourage literacy in adults as well as children. Did you know 1 in 7 adults is unable to read? I got that little fact from room to read <<<click here to view>>>. A charity that promotes the importance of education throughout the world.

My Booktober is going to focus on – BOOKS, which will also feature a  Blog Challenge as featured below. So, welcome to BOOKTOBER.




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