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Full House… Bingo!!!

B R I D G E T   J O N E S ‘ S   B A B Y

Staring : Renee Zelleweger, Colin Firth, Patrick Dempsey, Emma Thompson

Rating : 4/5

My Review : 

The first time I encountered, what can only be called “the wonder” that is Bridget Jones, was when I was in my early 20’s. I was a single mother, who had inadvertently lost all sense of direction and was dragged along to the cinema by my mother, who decided I needed to get out of the house.  I was not looking forward to watching yet another Rom-Com and its only appeal was that Mr Darcy (Colin Firth) was staring in it, as Mr Darcy (sort of).  It was not long though before I was sucked into the extraordinary world that belongs to the 30 something Bridget Jones. I ended up loving the movie, not so much the book but that’s another story.


Now we are on the third installment of Bridget’s life, finding her now, once again single and in her forties. Bridget’s life appears to have gone full circle, only this time Bridget is more determined than ever to change it. Swapping from wailing “all by myself” to jumping to house of pain. Bridget and Mark Darcy have been apart for 5 years and Daniel Cleaver (well I’m not going to spoil it for it for you) is not on the scene. Bridget is without a man and her friends are determined to find her one.

Bridget however beats them all and ends up bagging two men or should that be bedding? One new and the other old but ends up abandoning them both. Then sets about trying to slim into some very skinny jeans. Only fate has other ideas. Discovering that she is pregnant and with a very small gap between both men, Bridget is at a loss to who the father of her child is? Is it Jack, or is it Mark?


I can honestly say I have never laughed so hard at a movie in ages. Though it sometimes plays with the boundaries of credibility, it is undoubtedly heart warming and hilarious in places. The scene with the hospital door is so funny I cried.  It references the first movie with delightful nostalgia and Firth reprises his role of Darcy with a weary acceptance. One of the biggest delights in this movie is Emma Thompson’s role as Bridget’s doctor. She irrefutably steals every scene that she is in and truly makes the part her own.


What is great though about this offering is that Bridget is not trying to identify herself by being at the side of a man. Even though she wants a father for her child, the new Bridget realises that the most important thing is not her relationship with these men but her child’s.

This time I went to the cinema with my daughter who is now nearly 17 years old. I’m in my thirties and scarily can identify with some of Miss Jones’s many embarrassing moments. The third installment is a good solid offering, with some good old fashioned humour and some great on screen moments. There is a hint at the end of the movie of the possibility of another but please just stop here. No more, let’s leave Bridget on a high note. Besides, I don’t think Renee’s face could take it!


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