44. Complete the A to Z April Blogging Challenge

Instead of trailing through all my posts I thought it would be easier if I created a separate page for them.


The A to Z Challenge 

If you have never heard of the A to Z April Blogging Challenge. To put it simply it is a blogging challenge that is held in April and every day (usually the exception of Sunday) on a letter of the Alphabet. The first post begins with A, Second B… etc… and the last post is obviously Z.  Sometimes people choose a theme, sometimes they don’t it is up to you. The aim of the challenge, apart from posting everyday is to visit as many over Blogs as possible who are also participating in the challenge.


My theme for the A – Z April Blogging Challenge  2017 was – Disney Sidekicks.

(My aim was to draw a different Disney character for each letter of the alphabet from a different Disney Movie)

The theme Disney Sidekicks basically means any character who is not the main character in the Disney Movie.